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Actress, Actor, Models, Martial Artists

I am FIERCE because my physical strength and mental intensity combined together make me a FIERCE opponent. I am at my best when faced with adversity. I need a challenge to elevate my skills, and each challenge I have faced so far has made me a better athlete and a better person. I channel my strong emotions into my intelligence, strength, and technique. This is what allows me to be on Honor Roll in school, an elite Martial Artist, and an all-around great athlete and person. My FIERCE attitude is able to be channeled for good things. FIERCE has opened doors for me in martial arts, school and giving to others. I WILL ALWAYS BE FIERCE!!

Jackie Person


I am DETERMINED to reach the heights that everyone told me I could not. In spite of overcoming cognative and physical health issues. I pack a punch that is DETERMINED to succeed. As I progress as a Martial Artist my DETERMINED nature allows me to overcome any obstacle in front of me and share my DETERMINED spirit with all those that come in contact with me. There are times when I don’t want to practice, or I lose in a competition, that un-motivated moment and that loss, makes me even more DETERMINED to prove that I can and I will. When I make Honor Roll, win onstage, and teach others, it shows me what being DETERMINED can do for me. Nothing can stop me because I am DETERMINED!

Daniel Person